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Marissa Solomon
Licensed Registered Massage Therapist

Eight years of work experience. I love working with patients to increase proper body alignment, and to relax the nervous system. 

I enjoy learning new skills to help better patients and helping patients understand their bodies. 


Relaxing Massage

Therapeutic Massage

Marissa was by far the best I have ever seen. She took the time to listen to my main issue and worked solely on that as per my request. 



Body feels mended. Came in feeling stressed and left feeling relaxed and happy. 


Marissa was able to help fix an old injury no one was able to help with before. Felt a great release. 



Topaz Massage and Element Chiropractic have moved! Topaz Massage is based out of Element Chiropractic in a new unique building designed to bring joy to everyone who visits. 

Please find us at 10407 64 Ave, NW Edmonton, AB T6H 1S7

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Phone: 780.777.2036

Email: topaz

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